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tv   BBC World News America  PBS  February 6, 2020 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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laura: this is "bbc wor news america." reporting from washington, i am laura trevelyan. president trump celebrates his acquittal and lashes out at political enemies, claiming vindication. pres. trump: now we have that gorgeous word it -- i never thought aord with sound so good. it is called total acquittal. laura: the head of the democratic party calls for a re canvas of iowa's troubled caucasus the candidaams are in newhire. the chinese doctor who warned of the coronavirus is coming dies himself as the number of cases keeps on rising. plus, a triumphant touchdown. au.s.rout christina cook's back on earth after setting records out there in space. for all of you watching on pbs and around the globe, welcome to
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"wor news america." president trums bes celebrating quittal by the u.s. senate, saying he went through hell during his impeachment. e esident claimed the victory and expressed resentment over the way he was treated. before holding forth at the white house for o an hour, mr. trump began his day in typically confident for. -- form. a the nationalrayer breakfastt , the newly acquitted president trump was in no mood for brotherly love or turning the other cheek. pres. trump: as everybody knows, my family, our great country, d your president have been put through a terrible ordeal by some very dishonest and corrupt ople. the business of sc settling,t reserving paicular scorn for syndrome mitt romney, the lone republican who voted to convict him, citing faith as a factor. pres. trump: i don't like people who use their faith as
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justification for doing what they know is wrong. laura: house speaker nancy pelosi, who tops the presidents list of enemies fiv-- fired] speakerelosi: i thought what he said about senatoricomney was paarly without class laur later at the white house, the music was the same, a the president used his victory lap to drive home the message. pres. trump: we went through hell, unfairly. did nothing wrong. did nothing wrong. but this is what the end result . laura: mr. trump laid hoout 'str grievances, poring impeachment as the scrutiny he has had for three years. pres. trump: itas dirty cops, leakers, liars. they shoulder never, appen
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to another president. ever. thank you very much,a:verybody. la no contrition from reelection in november and sees mobilizing his supporters. as president trump has been taking the victory lap today, the head of the democratic party has called for a recanvass anng of the disputed caucus in iowa. there is still mass confusion over the results due to problems with the app. at last coun pete buttigieal was in a vir tie with setor bernie sanders. as thert party tries to ut what happened in iowa, the candidates themselves have moved on to new hampshire, the site of today's primary. jane o'brien is there with the test. you have been all over the granite are the candig to the news of the recanssing in iowa? jane: new hampshire is reacting by saying they will get it right
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. never mind iowa, this is where to real results are goi emerge.of course, they have a ballot, a primary, no caucuses, far less opportunity for mistakes. pete buttigieg is in the building behind me and his supporters say that he indeed won iowa, although bernie sanders is say he won iowa. who do you believe? they want, but they are united on one thing and that is that the system itself needs to change. >> i think it is not absolute mess. i have-- an absolute mess. i never believed i what should go first. rethey lowly white state and does not reflect-- lilyhite state and does not reflect the nor does not after. cou >> i think after 2016 a lot of
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american voters areal skept and they hope their vote stays secure and is transparent. iowa starting off with that bump inhe road does make voters a >> i am not an expert, but i see in a supe tuesday, but rig up front with less states. four five diverse states to the candidates betheyrder for would have to cover more territory, but i don't think that is necessarily a bad thing, either. it would give a otter indicatithe way things are going. laura: jane, who seems to have their nose in front with new hampshire voting on tuesday in that primary? jane: well, the latest poll shows that bernie sanders is in the lead at the moment. pete buttigieg is second, vying for second place
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with joe bidenza and eth warren is about forth. but it is still pretty close, and there are many undecided voters even here in new hampshir withoting just around the corner. all the more candidates have they have gone up and down in theseolls over the last four months. theyave been in the lead at one point or another. there is definitely plenty to ay for as far as they are concerned. of course, the person we are no talking ab mike bloomberg. he is not on the ballot. he is going to se his money, his considerable dollars, and spend them a in march getting the build up to super tuesday there. it is still a wide-open race. laura: jane o'brien in aery snowy ne hampshire, thank you. the coronavirus has claimed the life of the doctor who first tried to bring attentithe deadly outbreak. the young whistleblower from the city of wuhan, where the virus originated, sent a warning to fellow medics in december.
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the virus has killed 560 people in china and infected 28,000. new cases are popping up all over the world. rupert wingfield-hayes reports. rupert: this is what happens when fear takes hold. shops in hong kong today for being cleared of rice and toilet rumors swirled up complete shutdown of the border with mainland china. cruise ship.kong harbor, a huge the bivrus possible -- virusib po lose on board. several passengers have tested from this company, is mention m-- from the stop any, th can look out at his home, but can't go there. >> i am nervous, but the only thing we can do is stay in ou cabins and be careful. rupert: hongea kong has at five cases of people witthe coronavirus who have not been to mainland china and after not hot any parent contact with--and
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have not had any apparent contact with people from mainland china. it may be the first indication of what is caltrd community smission -- that is, the virus passing from one person to another here in hong kong. expertse hery they are not optimistic that the virus can be contained. a full pandemic may be on the way. not so, according to the chinese ambassadoro london, who today went on theffensive, insisting china has the situation under control. >>ur it isope that governments of all countries including the u.k. should understand and support china's efforts, respect the professional advice of who, avoid overreaction, avoid tring panic. rupert: at the same time, from wuhan, pictures the like of
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which we have not seen in generations. stadiums, gymnasiums, and conference centers a being turned into fever centers, so beds for the sick.hortage of by phone today, i managed to talk to anyoung woman in w who described the stress of not really knowing what is going on and what to lieve. >> we don't feel safe. we don't know how the virus is passed from one person to another. but we can't stay at home all the time. le don't know when this w end. we don't know when we will be lifeless--be able to return to a normal life. that is stressful. laura: there is good -- rupert: there is good news. these are patients whhave recovered, leaving hospital today. but the virus tilde this m. in early december, this brave wuhan cracks or attempted to warn authorities about the spread of a new virus.
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--wuhan doctor aended to one authorities about the spread of a new virus. his warnings were ignored. laura: sad death of the whistleblower ofus the coronavir italian authorities are investigating the derailment of high-speed train that left two people dead. the train was traveling from milan wn it came off the tracks. services were suspended. a german state premier elected h on wednesday we help of the far-right afd announced he will step down to pave the wayh for frections. the election prompted national outrage. chancellor angela merkel called it unforgivable, and said it must be reversed. the islamic stat group's m liphate has been destroyed, but the threat fe group is not gone. this week we have been airing reports about the families of i.s. fighters, those left beilnd and those wrapped up in terror. in our next and finalen report, n sommerville and our
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government report from the philippines, where local islamistck insurgents by i.s. fighters are stepping up quentin: from the desert kenseth trtheastern syria -- camps of northeastern syrthe capitals of asia and the seas of the southe philippines, the islamic state group still lurks. was in the philippines where a husband and wife suicide bombers came to fulfill their ssion for the islamic state, after they failed to get into syria. sein t deep island jungles, they joined fellow fatics egypt,wh morocco, and elseere. the philippine army has been out in force and in numbers never seen here before. in the jungles, islamic state
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group roam wild. this is an iand under siege. soldiers flooded here aer i.s. struck at its heart. it brought carnage to the island's catholic congregation last january. cistians died in their attack when they detonated a suicide vest oside andside a cathedral during morning mass. their journey to martyrdom took three years andour countries. all the while, they hardly wavered in their commitment to the islamistate group one year later, the cathedral has been patched up and repair, but the christia community here still lies in pieces. foricriana and her friends, this was their sanctuary. s she en too scared to return, until now.
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>> when i turn my head, i saw ae lot of dead peear me. the wounded were screaming, "help!" but i was thinking, who would help us? tiqu the islamic state group casts a long shadow, and other attacks have followed here since. but i.s. have more than just a foothold here. local militants have sw tn allegiance them and firmly planted the black flag in the philippine jungle. here, a local insurgency has been upgraded. tad islamic state group has them more vicious and broadened their ambition. a small army of soldiow are deployed here, searching for the islamic state group's affiliate.
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but they have not been able to stop more tax,-- more attacks, and they admit that no one knows these jungles better than their enemy. they know that somewhere in this jungle, the new self-declared leader of the islamic state in th region, he his own men, filipino, but more besides. he has got arab fighters here. they come from iraq and syria. they have got family members with them. and he is is willing to do the islamic ate group's bidding. for the net, there is a fear here that despite the presence of the filipino army, this dense, deep jungle could become aew n safe haven for the islamic state group. d terrorists lie in wait here.
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we obtained thisge foo of fighters in battle. in their ranks, far from home, an egyptian fighter. he died in another suicide bombing on the isld late last year. off-camera, a young arab's voice can be hea.once again, the fores brought with them their families and islamic state gup's savagery. but found that the bones formed half fouled away in the recaliphatin strong and still cross borders. contained for an out the camps of northeastern syria, i.s. leav a unique legacy. a corner of this country has become a global no ma's land. a trap for those who belong to i.s., who now belongowhere.
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the wives and children of the islamic state group have little choice, but they were swept up into the army of the caliphate. their men may be dead or in prison, but their cause is still alive, and so is the threat. these families of jihad struggle to find their way home. quentin sommeille, bbc news, northeastern syria. laura: how the islamic state group is far from gone. you are watching "bbc world news america." still to come on tonight's program -- >> i am spartacus! >> i am spartacus! laura: remembering a legend. the world once after kirk douglas, the last of his-- urns actor kirk douglas, the last of his era. for the first time, two cheetahs
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born and raised in the u.k. are being released to south africa, as john mcguire now reports. john: ford and raised in the u.k., these young men are heing home, but to land thousands of miles away that they have never seen before. two and a half-year-old brothers, they are being reintroduced into th wild in a reserve in south africa. >> i fundamentally believe that animals belong in the wild. i think zoos need to be reintroducing animals back into the wild. in the last three years alone, there have been 500 cheetahs born globally. we will try to reintroduce them. it is possible to find safe reserves. john: the southernah che will wildlife park and be flown to africa. when they arrive, the year-long
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program of introducing them to wild will begin. >> the endgame irethe air ase to a private reserve and in the broader reserve once they're comfortable hunting. they will be trapped and they will have a gps collar on them and we will be watching every step they take. john: the foundation has successfully reintroduced of the speciesg before includblack rhinos. t this is a world first for cheetahse . there less than 7000 in the wild, so it is hoped the they can make a small at first bu d importantference. from now on the brothers will and their species to survive and hopefully thrive in their natural habat.
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laura:st astronaut ka cooke is back on earth i after a record 308 days in space. tibefore leaving the interal space station, she tweetede how ssed the exquisite beauty of our plat on high. he is science correspondent pallab ghosh. pallabk : so pleas to be b earth. after nearly a year on the sternational space statio was glad to be home. sliding off the sore use-- soyuz space capsule that brought her back, she is getting used to the earth's gravity after being in space for so long. .here were hugs from the crew as they said goodby she returned with two other crew members.
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her stay is just 12 days short of the all-time u.s. recordby st cott kelly in 2016. before setting off, during a live link up with the iss, she had this to say aboch her historicvement. >> for me it is all about the honor i feel to follow in the fosteps of my heroes, and hopefully i can make it about paying a marsh-- paying hom e and it is an opportunity to inspire the next generation o future explorers. pallab: among those was volunteerevalentinaereshkova, te first soviet cosmonaut in 1963. she did not get a second mission. five years a at an event to unveil the space capsule and assigns museum in london, she told me it was because of sexism by her superiors. valentina: we had been preparing
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fefor le flight, but it was the decision not to risk lives because one of the women in the spaceport already had a family. we were against that decision. we were talking about it from and indeed we were writing to the central party committee disagreeing with the decision. pallab: even now, 90% of all of n those who have b space have been men. >> men and wen are just as capable of being astronauts. all astronauts should be chosen for their mission based on the skillsnd qualities that they have, and gender is not one of them. pallab: late last year, christina koch was involved in another piece of history, as she took pt in the first all- female spacewalk in more than half a century of space travel. nasa plans to send astronauts back to the moon within the next fourears. christina koch is among the favoriteschristina koch-- christina koch is among the
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favorites to be the first woman to set foot on the moon. pallab ghosha:bbc news. la tributes have been pouring in for hollywood legend kirk douglas. the " spartacus" legend died at age 103. his daughter-in-la actress catherine zeta jones, that the accolades, saying "i shall love you for the rest of my life." will gompertz has more. >> for t first time in my fe, people cheering for me! will: it was 70 yfirs ago in the "champion" that kirk douglas made his ne. the top of the wor without it to taking any prisoners en route. it was a case of art imitating the actor's real life. ibour danielovitch demsky in upstate new york to rusraan jewish imm parents, he grew up in abject poverty. but on screen he was able to bring a wealth of acting talent.
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he was a maverick who enjo playing characters with a ruthless streak. >> counselou why.--i will tell you why the guy in there is dying. do you want me to suggest what you can do with that promotion? will: in stanley greenberg's open -- stanley kubrick's "paths of glory," he was the actoand producer. "spartacus" was a kirk douglas project. >>m i' spartacus! will: the director of his last major film reflected on his impact. >>e was a brilliant actor, but also he had a grace to him that is rare, especially these days, i think. will: his son micel followed in his father's footsteps, and today paid him a deeply affectionate tribute. whilst acknowledging his dad cod be aggressive and ther were many affairs. for hollywood from he is one of the last of an era.
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>> i knew him quite well. the last of a golden age. he was the best. kirk: when i get old, you know, all life is growing. will: even as he passed 100 and struggled with the effects of a stroke, there was the glimmer of his old self. a genuine hollywood legend. laura: kirk douglas, and youan bet that he will be remembered at the oscars this weekend. of course you can find much more of all the day's news on our website. i am laura trevelyan. narrator: funding for this presentation is made possible by... babbel, an online program designed by language specialists
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judy: good evening, am judy woruff. on the "newshour" tonight, the tday after presidemp takes a victory lap, tearing into those who would have him removed from office. speaker nancy pelosi says he is beneath the dignhoy of the white e. outbreak as fatalities from the coronavirus continue to rise, we sit down with china's ambassador to the u.s. about containing ths deadly illne a vote of no-confidence confidence after errors in iowa send the primary process reeling, the democrats struggle to right the election.


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